What is PhotoDrafting?


PhotoDrafting is a unique service offered by the Technical Writing and Engineering Company, Inc.

PhotoDrafting converts images (photographs, drawings, video, etc.) into electronic line art files for use in CAD (computer aided design) and DTP (desktop publishing) applications.

PhotoDrafting integrates graphic art, photography, desktop publishing, computer aided design, data translation, and specialized electronics to accurately create bit mapped or intelligent line vector electronic illustrations from any continuous tone image, regardless of its source.

PhotoDrafting files can be electronically keylined and scaled. Images can be from multiple sources and can be used to reconstruct a previously existing scene, eliminate photographic distortions, and combine multiple images to create a single contiguous two or three dimensional illustration.

PhotoDrafting files are platform (software and hardware) independent. Deliverables are desktop publishing or CAD format on 3.5 inch floppy disk — ready to import and use.

PhotoDrafting is ideal for reverse engineering because it documents the as-built or existing configuration of anything visible.

In short . . .


We Document Reality!


Click here to view a dynamic PhotoDrafting sample.